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Desc:Good news! My kid is having sex with his stepmom. Thanks for the videos!
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:Christian, Child abuse, Australia, children of god, family international
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Fuck everyone.
Transcript and context for this video here...

http://www.xfamily.org/index.php/Report_to_Dad_and_Maria_from_ Australia

Note that this video was referred to three times in the Judgment of Lord Justice Ward, including a reference to the "love video" mentioned in this footage

"Video number 5 is the "Love Video." It shows young children dancing, two girls together, scenes of masturbation and sexual intercourse or simulated sexual intercourse, a testimony from a girl called Joan admitting that she masturbated. In another clip a man Appeles says they had the Love Video from World Services, that it was so inspiring that it was a chance to share his wife with another but, more disturbing, his son J1 who seems to be about ten years old had a chance to "share" with adult Sally."

Also note that David Berg is referred to as "Dad". Now click on the children of god tag and watch "Do it cause daddy said so" with extra horrible context.
Yeah, thanks for providing context for this. I had no idea who the fuck the people in this video were and just assumed they were some awkwardly creepy missionaries and that was the joke. But the truth behind it is ugly and scary.

Robin Kestrel
I had heard of David Berg, but the details revealed on that site are truly horrifying. The Ricky Rodriguez story, especially, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Perfectly evil.
Oscar Wildcat
If I am to feel sorry for the boy he needs to at least wipe the shit eaten grin off of his face. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...
I think the term is "shit eating", but I am going to start using the past tense from this point forward.

Syd Midnight
@4:15: The term "FF-ing" means "flirty fishing", a The Family recruiting tactic where the women are sent out to pick up random men and have sex with them in order to gain their trust enough to lure them back to the cult compound where they'd get a surprise brainwashing.

The first half of that tactic was a lot easier to accomplish than the second half, so eventually Berg made the female cult members just whore for cash and only bring home their most psychologically vulnerable johns. Real classy guy that Dave Berg.
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