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Desc:From the makers of The Transformers
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:Battleship, liam neeson, movies based off boardgames?
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 13
Isn't this a dupe. Oh well. Fuck Hasbro and their movies. Or at least until they make a Friendship is Magic movie.
Corpus Delectable
I like the part where the transformer came out of the water.
Just call me when the hungry hungry hippo movie comes out.
"Wait a minute, I said D5 10 turns ago and you said it was a miss! What. The. Hell."
They're probably holding back the monopoly movie until greed becomes popular again.
"Unleash the cliches!"

"Sir, which ones?"

"...All of them."

I know this a dupe from a while back but I just noticed that the giant projectiles the alien fires into the battleship look like the pegs in the board game and oh god this is a real thing isn't it?
Syd Midnight
I hope that at some point they discover an alien ship placed diagonally on the grid, and someone comments "pretty sneaky"

Dread Pirate Roberts
This isn't a dupe, this is a newer trailer than the one posted before.

And seriously, I still can't believe they didnt' just go with a modern war version of the game. They had to put Aliens in there. Thanks Avatar, you're making bad stuff worse.
It is a dupe, actually. The other trailer linked used to point to this trailer, but has apparently been replaced with a different trailer since it was submitted here.

Hammer Falls
As the original submitter, time has made this not a dupe. This is the first trailer for Battleship. Apparently my submit takes you to the Battleship page now and they have replaced the above trailer with the newest version, which is even more awful... very Roland Emerich-ish now... complete with what looks like rip-offs of Battlestar Galactica Cylon-type robot aliens.

you know a movie is serious when it has brooklyn decker AND rihanna

and Ladders.


This film is not yet rated.
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