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Desc:ONN's latest is takign on Entertainment Tonight/E News/TMZ
Tags:The Onion, ONN, Ashton Kutcher, starfix
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In case you missed it:

Any girl who talked to Ashton was turned to ash
Disc Possibly from same Hellish Cave as Michael Lohan
Seven decapitated as Taylor Swift breaks away from good girl image
Kirk Douglas credits incredible longevity to ongoing chess match with Death
"War Horse" predicted to break box office records by attracting massive Equine-American audience
Robert Pattinson announces new Robert Pattinson shaped tampons

all the seas & the oceans will run red w/ the blood of my enemies #warning
The idiot boy, Kutcher, is here no more. I am Krobbkag, the Destroyer
the time has come 4 the skies to turn black 4evermore!! #endofdays

Agent #1
There are the gawker articles too but they aren't as good as the others.

Caminante Nocturno
Set of ABC's Pan Am hijacked by Libyan terrorists.

Tina Fay honored by National Association of Mousy Women.
Host is pretty flat, but this is great otherwise.
She needs to be more bubbly and inane.

It shows potential... give 'em a few episodes to hit their rhythm. I don't even follow sports but GOOMF has become my favorite Onion thing, so...

+1 for "canoodling"
Rodents of Unusual Size
I thought the host captured babbling gossipy celebrity commentators pretty well and I look forward to her future vapid concerns.

Also, I like that people want to interview the disc.
Menudo con queso
Also the absolute indifference to others which is the hallmark of the extremely beautiful.

Any video where a celebrity gossip reporter dies will always be worth five stars.
And 5 more

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