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Desc:Me n my buddy FATboy here.. yeehaw!
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:dip, fatboy, white people, casual racism, Oral Cancer
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Comment count is 16
An "oral cancer" tag should be mandatory for every dip video.
The Mothership
Oh god, this is outlawdipper, one of my early submissions on this site. His dip can pyramid has grown since last we met. This is the guy's whole life.
The Townleybomb
Not true! It says right in the video that they are also going to hang out at the Walmart!

Also, it looks like chewing tobacco causes acne as well.

The Mothership
yea, he ain't aging well.

Ugh, I went to high school with people like this.

Five stars for evil repressed memories.
Don't forget the Gatorade.
When i was a freshman in college a guy left his (nearly full) dip spitting bottle in my dorm room. We thanked him maturely by spreading it thinly all over the carpet in his room so you couldnt identify any one spot as the origin of the stench.
"hang out at THE Walmart"
They live in a town where the most interesting place to hang out is the Wal-Mart.
Said towns are more common than you think. I used to live in one too.

Oh, I know they are. I lived in one as well. It was full of people like this.

These small towns used to be main street centered now have Walmart as the main center of commerce and social functions.

Yeah, each town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is like that, with the exceptions of Biloxi (where everything is about tourism and casinos) and Ocean Springs (which forced their Wal-Mart to locate as far away as possible from Main Street). D'Iberville also expanded on their Wal-Mart by opening a high end boutique: Target.

When I first read the title of the video, I thought it was "Trip to the CHINK STOP! to get some dim sum!"
Me too.

"Hey dad, I don't know, I don't have much money for gas n stuff"
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