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Desc:Can it be Gangstalking week forever?
Category:Nature & Places, Crime
Tags:paranoid schizophrenia, walmart, Gangstalking, talking baby
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Comment count is 15
THA SUGAH RAIN - 2012-01-14
This one is a bit more worrisome than the others. :\
jangbones - 2012-01-14
I love his relentless monotone. Captivating.
Urist - 2012-01-14

whensaidthemoon - 2012-01-14
Dancing baby has really let himself go.
Vaidency - 2012-01-14
"Everyone I know acts so distant and uncomfortable around me. Either I'm creepy and weird or virtually everyone in the world except me is creepy and weird. But which one could it be...?"

Schizophrenia really does some interesting things to the human thought process, doesn't it?
kingarthur - 2012-01-14
My favorite time working in the mental hospital was when the really bad cases would have disastrous breaks with anything resembling reality. There was the kid who was so out of his mind from PCP use, he was convinced you were talking to him telepathically. He would nod, say "uh huh" and "I know" and even laugh when you "said" something funny. He also threatened to eat me and no amount of Haldol could bring him down once he got violent. Good times.

badideasinaction - 2012-01-14
8:53: "I can see it in their eyes. No one will tell me the truth about what they know"

It's sad that very few people are able to confront mental illness. That entire part is rather sad seeing his interpretation on what is his friends and family concerned for his mental health but too afraid to confront him about it.

Riskbreaker - 2012-01-14
Every week is gangstalking week, everyone knows that.
Pillager - 2012-01-14
He shouldn't have angered Iteration X.

BHWW - 2012-01-14
Years before Youtube, these sort of people had to settle for posting their "experiences" to websites or USENET.

http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/mindcontrol/expose_part_I_ 4.htm

"I would like to report a bizarre crime situation in the Maple Heights, Ohio area (a suburb of Cleveland, USA) using a form of radiation-based mind control. A criminal gang is entrapping and torturing victims with radiation bombardment (deliberately trying to produce brain injuries), electronic rape, transmission of rabid screech "voices" (sound simulation being possible), round-the-clock force-fed verbal communications, and drug effects (transferred from drug users who are apparently on amphetamines, coke, etc.-- at intentionally uncomfortable levels in order to stress victims into nervous breakdowns). Victims are kept debilitated with chronic radiation poisoning which is at times similar in potency to nerve- (or minimally tear-) gas in terms of being a hazardous biological agent, except that the effects are more directable to the specific target. The levels are periodically upped to that point whenever the predators deem it necessary to keep their prey in thrall, or to achieve a desired end. Although, torture could be described as intermittent, communication is continuous. This is in effect electronic telepathy--being used for nothing but deleterious purposes, however (for the implementation of torture). The signal can be transmitted to victims from incredible distances with accuracy, it is impossible to evade, and there is a large army of persons engaged in the stalking (7 days, 24 hours--with unbelievable tenacity). There is probable usage of satellite tracking, augmented by ground-based weapons, making escape difficult. (Surmising the means is theoretical, based on prolonged experience.) I have been followed without relent for 26 years now, around the clock, by stalkers who never stop preying on their victim. They are sadists who do all in their power to inflict suffering on victims, in a way that is senseless--constantly engaging in psychological and physical abuse. They latch on to a victim and never thereafter permit prey to experience full consciousness, denying freedom of thought and basic human rights. Packs of thugs gang up on helpless individuals with laser weapons and try to administer brain damage. An army of them surround the victim from hidden locations, from time to time generating shrieking effects and hyped-up nervous states while so doing as a means of creating mental distress. I reported the abuses in the 1970's. There was a phony Congressional investigation, a little bit of press flurry about illegal CIA activity which never divulged the main facts--camouflaging the mind control as a drug operation instead of revealing the technological bases of the radiation-based mind control--then a smokescreen put up through U.S. news media, which seem to have become pawns of a de facto dictatorship. The public went back into a quiescent sleep while the perpetrators bore down more cruelly on helpless victims."
zerobackup - 2012-01-14
The Phantom of the Opera music really adds credibility.
Redford - 2012-01-14
This might be the most depressing thing I have ever seen on this website. This man is literally by definition staring his mental problem in the face and getting nothing back. He is turning against his family, friends, and virtually anyone else he sees on the street. I only hope that eventually he gets the proper help.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-01-14
What's really depressing is that, despite all that, this guy still has a larger friend circle and a more active social life than me.


hammsangwich - 2012-01-14
Max Payne got really boring.
MissLadyArtemis - 2014-06-09
I love this. I bet this man would help me convince others - this is why Walmart needs to be stopped!
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