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Desc:SPOILER: they really ARE noodles.
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:factory, Ramen, press, Heart Disease
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Comment count is 26
Albuquerque Halsey
If you want to make...ramen from scratch....first you must, invent the universe
I was thinking how cool it would be if the music was actually playing all day in the factory for the workers

2:38 "Where the hell do you think you're going?"
to ramen limbo, apparently

Robin Kestrel
Fine, fine, fine, mouse, fine...

Don't worry. They'll figure out how to make an all wood mulch version of this as well.
So the same as now except without the rendered fat?

Jane Error
2:38 -- Why was that one rejected? Poor sack of ramen...
Pointing out errors again, are we? Oh, Jane.

Corpus Delectable
Weight. It weighed 0.92 kg, below whatever cutoff the 0.97 kg bags cleared.

Might have just been a random sample for quality control testing.

After re-watching in 1080p I see that I am mistaken - it was underweight.

Ahhh. Thanks for confirming what I had suspected. I had to sort my turtlenecks by color gradient, which took about 4 hours, so I was not able to confirm this myself.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I usually forgo the flavor packets and just add miso and veggies. I love ramen.
I like to use the flavor packets as popcorn topping. I defy anyone to resist the temptation of chicken flavored popcorn.

they also make excellent ant and roach poison

I had a roommate who was a REAL Asian person and he would put eggs, meat, and veggies in his ramen. That's why they like it more than non-asians, because they know its not meant to be served on its own.

KnowFuture you're a goddamn genius. I'm so doing that.

Same experience. A Vietnamese friend bought me a bunch of spicy (supposedly kimchi-flavored) noodle bags, added practically every kind of veggie I had in the fridge, and cracked an egg on top.

Should food come on spools?

I just don't know that food should ever be on a spool.

Industrial processes are pretty much always five stars anyway though.
You tell everybody. Listen to me. GravidWithHate. You've gotta tell 'em! RAMEN NOODLES IS STOOLS! We gotta stop them! Somehow! Listen!

I just liked the way spool sounded. So I contrived a post where I could repeatedly and probably inappropriately use the word spool. It is a fairly silly word, spool. Especially if you say spool enough. Plus I was a little struck by the incongruity of a foodstuff wrapped on a spool. The only other spooled foodstuff I can think of is fruit by the foot. And yes, if you eat with a fork, you will spool most noodles prior to eating them; that's not really the same as having the food come on a spool. I suppose you could spool dough. Just roll it off the spool and cut it into shapes. But that's really an extension of the spooled noodles, and not an independent spool-based foodstuff.


Cool, what's with the heart disease tag though?

I mean they are pretty much starch, like potatoes and pasta...most people I know don't really even use (all of) the salt packets.
I love any industrialization video. Do more of this, POETV.
Totally agree that last part with the different speeds and directional belts was mesmerizing.

Jet Bin Fever
I want to take a bite out of a big noodle spool.
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