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Desc:Featuring a classic meal of the south!
Category:Arts, None
Tags:fat, white people, Fried Foodstuffs, Fried Non-foodstuffs, no self control
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Comment count is 25
pressed peanut sweepings
Is it recording? Is it recording? Is it recording?

Once it cools down, she's just going to chew the metal, isn't she?
Corpus Delectable
We need to show some sensitivity to our diverse southern obese-boned population.

Obese-bones need feeding.
So basically if I cooked up a whole vat of lard she'd eat it.
To test this, let's remove one of her limbs.

If you cooked one of her arms, she'll eat it too.

God fucking white people. Horrible.
Corpus Delectable


Uh. What's with the black people tag? It's one thing to make fun of entitled white people for being fat and gross. It doesn't work the other way around. Racist.

Counterpoint: there are more fat black people than there are fat white people.

Isn't this the chick that threatened to sue Fat Chicks in Party Hats?

The Townleybomb
Jesus Christ, it is! How in the hell is she still alive?!

External locus of control resides in a vat of Crisco.
I can smell her neck sweat through the screen
Her hands are fat. She's so fat her body has started storing fat in her hands. The skin on the top of her hands is puffed out because there's fat underneath.
Simply Sara needs to lay off the chemicals, she's aging rapidly.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Really bad time to a paramedic in America these days.
haha A+

"Believe it or not guys, but my wish is to just shove these tongs covered in greasy batter right into my fat face."
Jet Bin Fever
I'm glad she put on that cheek makeup to accent her delicate lines.
is that tinkerbell or winnie the pooh attire?

Xenagama Warrior Princess
I thought that Simply Sara had been renewed for another season when I saw the placeholder pic.
Ludo Smell Bad
needs a That's No Moon tag.
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