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Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:ironic, get off my lawn, newt gingrich, Open Marriage, Despicable
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Comment count is 30
Tired of the media attacks? Don't you assholes also run attack ads? Fuck off.
U mad bro?
Forever a loser.

Having doubts about your unassailable history as a total unlikable asshole?

Not you misterbuns, not you.

Well, obviously he didn't ask the question about the remarks from the ex-wife who was served notice of the divorce on her deathbed, because SHE'S DEAD.
Corpus Delectable
We SO get the government we deserve.
We are Caligula's Senate.

I personally think that touting Christian values while you are cheating on your MS-stricken wife is more despicable, but I'm not a Christian so I actually have morals.
But seriously folks, let's talk about how the Obamas are "angry black people" who are reverse racists....
The phrase "reverse racism" really sticks in my craw.

The Mothership
John King is a sissy, he could have owned him but he pussed out.
This was like watching Bum Fights.

Newt doesn't bother me that much; I fully expect him to be an immoral sack of shit. Hell, I'd be disappointed if he were any other way.

What bothers me are the tools in the audience that give him a standing ovation for decrying the very tactics that Newt himself used so often.
This is why young people can't vote republican, unless they were brainwashed by their parents. The average 20 something male would rather shotgun-blast Gingrich and report it as a zombie outbreak than shake his rotten mummified hand.
Oh, Newt! You really are a despicable sack of shit!
Rodents of Unusual Size
People's personal lives shouldn't be an issue.

Unless they're from another party and you're trying to get them impeached for getting a blow job.

wtf japan
People's personal lives shouldn't be an issue.

Unless your party makes regulating its constituency's personal lives one of its primary platforms.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
These people live in their own encapsulated world sheltering them from reality.
Nah, this is just opportunistic lying at it's highest level.

they're such dishonest assholes that they'll say anything to gain an advantage, and deney it even when they're shown a recording of their lies.

Fuck this "family values" hypocrite. And fuck that audience. Nuke it from orbit.
Targeting locked in, preparing to fire.

"I think the destructive, viscous, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country. Makes it harder to attract descent people to run for office. I mean look at me! I'm a total piece of shit!"
Dammit, I used my stars already! Some surrogates: *****

Binro the Heretic
And then King just sat there goggling and gasping like a goldfish on linoleum while the yahoos in the audience howled and cheered.

I swear to God this was staged.
He's no Chris Christy but he will have to do.
I am NOT watching this. No. NononononononononoNO! NO.

Just take my stars.
Syd Midnight
Leave it to the Elite Media to try and Swift Boat him like that. Good thing he didn't waffle, or it could have become his campaign's Birth Certificate.
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