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Desc:Two locations rockin' all night
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:hair metal, Cinderella, local commercials, Pats chili dogs
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Comment count is 14
hammsangwich - 2012-01-21
Misleading title. A+
dek863 - 2012-01-21
The Eighties were the worst.
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-01-22
I think you meant to write "best"

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-08
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2012-01-21
I refuse to believe the makers of this commercial didn't understand the homoerotic subtext, not with a slogan like "When You're Hungry, We're READY!"
garcet71283 - 2012-01-21
At Wilkenson's Family Restaurant!
eatenmyeyes - 2012-01-21
Yeah, pretty much this.

Oktay - 2012-01-21
It's a dork eat dog world.
Void 71 - 2012-01-21
It's amazing how quickly the 1980s turned to shit. It's like someone hit the hair metal switch in 1980 and every rock band turned into this by 1983.
fatatty - 2012-01-21
You can't not laugh at this.
Stopheles - 2012-01-21
Their "partying" songs don't make me want to party, their songs about fucking don't make me want to fuck any more than I usually do...but this does make me want to eat a chili dog.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-01-21
It's like some scene in a movie, parodying a band's "selling out" moment.
wtf japan - 2012-01-22
:17. A serial killer is born.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-08
Now I'm hungry.
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