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Desc:How to survive if you're all out of piss.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:elephant, bear grylls, coprophagia, excrement
Submitted:Simian Pride
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Comment count is 17
Corpus Delectable
I ain't even gonna watch. 5 for the description alone.
Clearly the fucking elephant was able to find some water. Not Bear Grylls, the survival expert, he'd rather eat poop.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
How this guy hasn't been killed by intestinal parasites yet is beyond me.
Sudan no1
well, he fakes most of his dangerous stunts, so I'm just going to assume this is a prop elephant turd. Yes, just a prop..

I'm not going to watch this to see if he boiled his poop or not, but even "clean" looking water can have microbes causing diarrhea and dysentery, which in a "survival situation" would lead to death.

Adham Nu'man
I'm sorry but if he had water why wouldn't he just drink it instead of boiling poop in it?

Bear Grylls is really just a very dedicated troll. He gets off on knowing that at least one person who gets lost in the African savannah will end up drinking elephant shit.

I would have died of dehydration. I'd only drink elephant shit juice if it was either that or watch Bear Grylls
I'd have died from trying to get water by chewing the wrong kind of plant, or from drinking the plasma from separated animal blood LONG before I would have been willing to try drinking elephant poop water. Not all of us have the luxury of being stranded in the wild with a camera crew and a medically-trained safety team.

So you say. Get lost on a mountain somewhere for 4 hours without any supplies and see how quickly you go from thinky thinkerson to Lord of the Flies.

Been there, done that. You using it as "Lord of the Flies" fodder is more disturbing than that experience was.

In before a bunch of spergs point out that this reality television program is not 100% unscripted.
Does "before" mean something else now?

Dirty Sanchez
Sometimes it's better to just die.
MacGyver Style Bomb
While there are plenty of people out there who enjoy eating shit and drinking piss, Bear Grylls is perhaps the only one who managed to convince a major cable network to fund an entire show based around his fetishes. The rock climbing and other nonsense is just a smoke screen to pass it off as a "survival" show to the producers and investors.
Drinking elephant poop, eating beetle larvae, and sleeping in dead camels; does this guy know how to live, or what?
Five for description!
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