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Desc:TLC Special - They have two stomachs and three lungs. Each controls only one arm and one leg.
Tags:twins, conjoined, two heads
Submitted:Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
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Resubmit:Albuquerque Halsey

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Comment count is 12
Albuquerque Halsey
:o i wonder if that self-portrat they took of themselves ever appeared on the lj generator.
Billy Buttsex
I'll bet they can't jump very high
I wonder if masturbation feels like incest?
oh dear. oh. dear.
holy crap.
taking a dump must be so awkard. who wipes ?
Loses 1 star because somewhere, a conjoinment fetishist is spanking it to this.
Yow. They're going to be on the other side of the chatroom from some poor boy one day.
The head on the left is definitely hotter
What happens when one develops the inevitable eating disorder?
Syd Midnight
God as my witness, I can only think about how they feel orgasms.
two people...its two people...AHHHHH!!! brain hurting.
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