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Desc:Features hot taser cop
Category:News & Politics
Tags:taser, neck beard, occupy, pajama pants
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Comment count is 57
I'm at work so I can't watch this with sound right now...why did the police pursue him?

At the very beginning at about 0:07 you presumably hear the guy in question taunt the police saying "fucking pig".

I believe they were just looking for an opportunity to make an example of somebody.

I don't know, its probably overzealous, but I can tell you that if I were illegally living in a tent somewhere downtown, the last thing I'd do is push my luck and call a police officer a "fucking pig".

This guy didn't have balls, he's just an idiot, like so many of them.

Oh... and apparently he admitted to tearing up the notices the police put up telling people to vacate.

Shooting a guy in the back with a taser was definitely an appropriate response

Some people would pay good money to be tazed by that cop.

asian hick
Oh fuck off Burnov.

stop posting here burnov

Monkey Napoleon
I wish he would have found the strength to keep fighting so they could have tazed him again.

He's an idiot so who cares if his rights were violated. Go to Iran, Burnov.

His rights were not violated. He broke a law, he resisted arrest, and they had to subdue him. Just cause the dude yells "I did nothing wrong." Doesn't mean he did nothin' wrong.

none of those cops said shit to him, how could he possibly be resisting arrest...were they beaming arrest thoughts into his head oh fuck gangstalkkk

I'm very glad to incite butthurt amongs the liberal weenies.

Also, cop-girl was not attractive, wtf are you on?
Jet Bin Fever
ahh, she's not bad. She just has that really authoritarian ponytail thing going on, which never looks good.

You know somebody somewhere is watching this video over and over while masterbating to it.

Submitter name really fits the description.

The black one was pretty hot.

I suspect she needed a shoulder to cry on after having to taze the screaming fatty.
Oh yeah, he was just asking for it. He's the dude in the beginning yelling "TIME TO CLEAN UP THE PARK *rips up notice* HERE'S YOUR FUCKING TRASH YOU FUCKING PIG".

I think pajama boy was in violation of my God-damned liberty, like the four fathers evisinge 100 years ago and spelt out in the Declarations of Instapendence.
Oscar Wildcat
Indeed, this is how Thomas Jefferson handled his uppity male slaves ( the female one's he raped, of course ).

Jet Bin Fever
of course.

This is like the famous "Don't tase me bro!" vid. Everybody in it was wrong. Yeah, taser wasnt really necessary, but I can't really feel much sympathy for pajamabeard.
Modern Angel
It's not about sympathy, asshole.

My point is this shit is going to happen when you provoke or taunt cops.

And his point is that every time the police overstep that line, we should get angry. Every fucking time. When you say "everybody was wrong", you're incorrect. Just the police were wrong.

It's our right to provoke or taunt cops. Private citizens are allowed to be assholes. Cops lose that right as soon as they put on their uniforms. Or rather, they should lose that right in a properly functioning non police state society.

Syd Midnight
It shouldn't be, but it kinda is if you want to sway moderates, which is what it should be trying to accomplish. The target audience is Mom and Pop Swingvoter who don't think much about politics, those are the people you want to become so upset that they come down and join in.

So it's better to have protagonists that Joe Sixpack will sympathize with more than he sympathizes with the cops doing the ass kicking even after Fox News gets done spinning it. But the cops know that.

I've got to admit, you guys both make really good points.

Anax, I mean.

Syd makes a good point though, and I stand by that this guy is a lot harder to sympathize with than the students that were pepper sprayed or the guy who was shot by a rubber bullet, without him or the cop saying a word, for seemingly no reason at all.

Robin Kestrel
She couldn't fucking wait to taze him. I bet it made her moist.
Okay, okay, you convinced me. She is hot.

Monkey Napoleon
If he would have gone along with them calmly, he would have had a marginal chance to get away with ripping up notices. Since he tried to fight them off, he's going to get beaned with resisting which is probably worse. For obvious reasons, which kind of makes me sad that nobody ever seems to get, you can't just magically decide the cops are full of shit and have no authority to detain you... even if they don't.
Horrible People v Horrible People
Good thing the police were there to stop them.


Rodents of Unusual Size
These cops should all lose their jobs, benefits, and I hope they all wind up homeless.
These stars for pajamabeard's shirt.
"I did nothing wrong. I DID NOTHING WRONG!"
I think the Neck Beard doth protest too much.
Get on your knees and beg for the total state. You love it.

That sounds like something Alex Jones would say.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Total state sounds like some kind of hipster cereal.

Was going for something you would say.

Dude is probably going to be triumphantly posting on reddit or the xkcd forums whenever he's released, but that doesn't make this shit any less gross.
someone is fucking kidding. The cops should stop kidding, cuz people always ask if they are. But 99% of the time they're not kidding her. Stop being so egotistical lady.

I feel like the raving angry man in pajamas living in a tent in a park and taunting police officers should probably be removed. They were just doing their job and putting notices on things - you sir were being an asshole.
you work for a bank go fuck yourself

I'll fuck myself on my bed made of money while you evaluate who made the correct decisions in life.

Rodents of Unusual Size
You're so cliche you might as well be that tycoon from the muppets movie.

The black lady cop is hotter than the hot taser cop.
Get AIDS, that chick is a would any day of the week, even Tuesday when I just want to come home and zone out.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Could you please not use "Get AIDS" in such a casual way? It really doesn't sound very good.

"I think the bus will probably be late."
"Get AIDS, the bus is always on time."

"Hey I think I really like that flavor of granola bar."
"Get AIDS, granola bars don't rock as much as nachos."

"I am pretty convinced thermonuclear showdown isn't as gratifying as some seem to think it is."
"Get AIDs and just relax already!"

See where I'm going with this

I totally agree with Crackersmack.

Sorry ROUS, I just felt really strongly about the internet person saying that one cop was hotter than another cop I liked. I was a dick to a stranger and I apologize.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Thank you, Tha Sugar Rain. I appreciate that.

Pope Caius
I like police brutality and don't particularly care to whom it happens as long as I can watch from a comfy place. :3
I went into to this with two expectations, one: to side with the police, and two: to not find taser cop hot, and I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. I do understand the police wanting to question/detain the individual, I however feel they needed to verbally communicate that, and with so many officers there the taser seems quite unnecessary.

I however foundt it funny when the black cop jumps back in surprise when the taser gets deployed without warning, and I wonder if her and taser cop as she is now affectionately known had words after the fact.

Living in a public park with so many other people, neck beard show not be walking around without shoes on, it is a good way to pick up fungus.
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