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Desc:Old video featured for its idiot host.
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:e3, cocaine, Obsolete, disc
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Oscar Wildcat
Well that was awful. But all kidding aside, I've had great results using the plexiglas polishes I keep around for building plastic prototypes. They come in about 3 grades, although you can get good results with just the medium one. Total cost about 5 bucks.
I just don't let my CDs/DVDs get scratched... Works for me!
Or just burn a new one if it does get scratched.

If only there were a machine to make that guy lower his voice.
The Amazing Atheist used to be skinny.
"CDs", "video stores", "resale value", HA! This clip is OLD.
Judging by the Q3 Arena jersey, I would place it circa-2000. While a lot has changed since then, the hired sluts pretending they give a shit never change.

Jet Bin Fever
yeah, he mentions gamecube and xbox placing it right around 2002, which is odd given how dated it seems now.

Hey smarties, the date is given at the beginning of the video. It's 2004.

Jet Bin Fever
Whoaaa that late? Sheesh.

Poor Natasha.
Back in 2004 they hadn't perfected pointing the mic at whomever was talking.
Jet Bin Fever
This guy is the quintessential id fan.
Hey if you were that old and still mired in videogames journalism you'd do a quick line of coke before interviews too.
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