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Desc:Hunter posits an unbelievably stupid argument and talks about his new job.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:ufohuntervlog, Lowes, VonHelton, f*ck nasa
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Comment count is 21
This guy has a pretty sweet collection of caps.
I didn't get to his sun explanations. One minute of him yelling about 'the fucking paperwork' was enough.
Corpus Delectable
Oh. That's really too bad. You simply must go back and find out more about how Hunter accommodates to his new work environment and coworkers.

No spoilers, but YOU MUST.

"policies and laws and all that sh!t"..yeah he'll last long in any workplace
This guy fails at physics that predates NASA by centuries.
Physics? Fucking insects know and feel that the sun is a source of heat. I wonder how he explains the change in temperature when clouds block out the sun.

It's colder in the shade because FUCK NASA.

Dread Pirate Roberts
"the atmosphere keeps us warm with volcanoes and stuff. the sun just gives us light."

... I don't even know where to start. Just ... take a 5th grade science class, dammit!
Apparently, the atmosphere turns off when during the night when the temperature drops...
Is it possible that dumb could make you smart?


No, no it can't dude.
Welcome to Right Wing Think(TM), where having an education and "knowing stuff" makes you an elitist who wants to "trick" all of the God-fearing right-thinking people.

Seriously, don't even read the manual that came with your TV or one of our operatives will put an Obama sticker on your SUV.

Is it possible? Yes.

The real question is: is it probable?
But what if the sun doesn't give off light? What if the Sun is really just a giant mirror, and the Earth is a planet of light? Street lights and house lights and everything, all this light from the Earth is just bouncing off the Sun and getting reflected back to us in the sky!

wtf japan
Man, I would wear the shit out of a "FUCK NASA" t shirt.
Awhile back he was selling t-shirts with a picture of the International Space Station that said "PIECE OF SHIT SPACE STATION"

There are some stars which are fairly cool, enough to touch even, but none are cold. Fusion doesn't produce cold numbskull.
Anyone who has ever climbed a mountain knows that it gets cooler the closer to the sun you climb. The only exception is when the mountain is an erupting volcano. This scientific conspiracy is bigger than climate change!
Set the controls for the heart of the dumb.
You guys are gonna feel so stupid when it turns out the sun is cold.
Ok, what's the deal with this guy and his obsession with NASA?
He's an "aliens did it"/"ancient aliens" conspiracy convert. The government knows about aliens and is covering it up while, at the same time, aliens are everywhere taking over everything and are responsible for everything. He thinks NASA is to blame for virtually every alien cover up ever. SO FUCK THOSE BITCH LYING MOTHER FUCKER GUYS, OK? YEAH.

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