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Desc:(bunny bossing bovids)
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:Bunny, herding, sheep, Sweden, short man syndrome
Submitted:Simian Pride
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Comment count is 20
He knew the secret chant?
clearly it's a case of black mail.

Rabbits are to be feared. You've all seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail haven't you.
I don't think anyone on the Internet has seen that movie.

What's a Monty Python? Does it eat rabbits? My brother had a pet boa constrictor once, it ate rats.

I saw Monty the Python once at Coney Island. He wasn't as big as I expected.

I once saw a Full Monty Python. He was exaggerating.

never! is it good?

Rodents of Unusual Size
What's a rabbit?

Binro the Heretic
If you knew what that rabbit does to the sheep while nobody is looking, you'd understand why they run from it.
That'll do, err, rabbit.
Jet Bin Fever
This is painfully adorable. I have to remind myself that rabbits are coprophagic just to dilute some of that.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Fun fact: Rabbit poop is one of the best fertilizers in the world.

I want to see what this thing can do with a sheep cyclone.
Jet Bin Fever
don't you see? There was a rabbit in that car the whole time.

what a tweest

Holy shit, sheep. I know being herded is your thing but grow a pair.
Clash of the herbivores.
Caminante Nocturno
You ever hear the story of the cat that was raised by a sheepdog and grew up to act like one? I'll bet that's what happened here, too.
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