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Desc:At least when Fox News makes a story up, it's more savvy at it.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:canada, Sun News Network, hard news straight talk
Submitted:Seven Arts/H8 Red
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Comment count is 12
Here's the rub about being a news agency: when you fuck up, you aren't allowed to claim ignorance. The whole point of being a news agency is that you're supposed to know what's going on.

Sun's position is that the fact that the ceremony was fake was "completely unknown" to them. Not that they were lied to, or that documents were falsified in order to fool them, but simply that it was "completely unknown" to them. That suggests that they didn't even bother to ask. They didn't even seem to know that it was only a reaffirmation ceremony, not an actual citizenship ceremony.

I just hope that this doesn't get Sun any additional viewers. The sooner they go out of business, the better.
Canada, my god, even their fake news is dross and boring.
Dross is a noun and at least our news is real.

People didn't believe me when I told them Canada's Bill O'Reilly is just Bill O'Reilly with a gray handlebar mustache.
Its heartening to see that Sun News is still super ghetto. Sadly, just as in the States, the only people who seem to read/watch their bullshit are working class dipshits, the same people who would truly get railed if Sun News types got their policy through.
Who gives a shit why is this a controversy ?
Literally nothing else is going on in Canada right now. Journos are scrambling for something, anything really, now that the Shafia trial teats have run dry.

Oscar Wildcat
For some strange reason Canadians still seem to think that news agencies should report on factual stories rather than fake propaganda. So 20th century, that notion.

I don't quite get it either. What was the propaganda. Canada swears in immigrants as citizens? Immigrants can reaffirm their citizenship?

Look at the americans, so bewildered by journalistic integrity.

Here, an example of the fine insanity from a sun news commentator that got on RT


it's splattered all over in there, with multiple hitler references.

Monkey Napoleon
No, what I think is bewildering to us is people freaking out over a fluff piece. So they fudged a nationalization ceremony on citizenship day... big deal. What kind of autist gets upset over something so wholly insubstantial?

It's like criticizing a news channel for their holiday feature on what happens to all the letters kids write to Santa every year because Santa isn't real.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
I'm not freaked out over Sun News planting fluff stories. I'm just amazed that it, and a federal government ministry, didn't just kill the piece when they knew it wasn't going to work.

Most of the time, Sun News just repeats standard right-wing talking points, and has this obsession with taking down the CBC. It's yet another Canadian cable channel trying to mimic an American channel, and being terrible at it.

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