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Desc:Just a little
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:dance, corgi, cute, spastic, Welsh Corgi
Submitted:The God of Biscuits
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An autoscrolling level in a video game that actually looks fun to play.
Comment count is 7
I was just thinking about Corgis today!
Jimmy Labatt
Dupe. It's even in your 'corgi' tag, man.



My ex had a corgi. She was deceptively really strong. Like she could rip a phone book in two.
Innocent Bystander
Really? And what was the dog like?

This video isn't about the corgi. It's actually a video journal the owner has been keeping for herself as she goes through therapy to improve her hand-eye coordination. Notice how with each attempt, she manages to get more food into the dog's bowl than the last try.
"You couldn't reach that bowl of salted nuts from over here! Why, you'd have to get up!"

*bang bang bang*

"SIR. I am in your debt."
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