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Desc:After a few months of work with no new classes or maps, this is what was produced.
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:explosion, boss, Giant Robot, Final combat, Meet the Nimrod
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Comment count is 11
So it's like Saxton Hale mode without the boss having a one hit kill?
pressed peanut sweepings
Epic Chinese metal.
actually Japanese... can't tell who it is though

Jet Bin Fever
Sounds like the Sex Machineguns, not sure though.

Jet Bin Fever
oh, and they have a bunch of really silly videos if you guys are less lazy than me and want to post them. My favorite is probably Sexy Hero Revolution.

I fucking love Sex Machineguns and have in fact previously uploaded one of their videos... I can't think of any songs they did with orchestration like that but I haven't heard everything

fuck caring about Final Combat, I'm gonna upload some more Sex Machineguns videos

This actually looks kind of fun.
On the plus side, I like how they are trying to put a fun and unique spin on Saxton Hale mode, which seems like it may be at least as fun and dare I say, better designed. On the other hand, it's still final combat, and they haven't bothered to clone any of the other five TF2 classes since release.

and how do they hope to compete without a single hat?????

Jet Bin Fever
I want to pay a bunch of real money for a key to unlock a box of random bullshit.

Spit Spingola
Final Combat does have hats, from what I hear.

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