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Desc:A happy scene from the disturbing classic
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Tim Robbins, jacobs ladder, the marvelettes
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Comment count is 9
The strangest thing about this movie was every woman's intense attraction to Tim Robbins' character.
egotism is strange to you?

Panning this movie is one of the only things Psychotronic Magazine ever got wrong. In my top 10 all time favorites since middle school.
Love this movie.
This film changed forever how I watch movies (to expect the unexpected) and likely changed how a lot of movies got written. Unfortunately it seems like it's been done to death. (didn't intend that, really URR GAWD SPOILERRRRR!!)
Binro the Heretic
It's the first time I recall seeing that freakish sped-up shaking and convulsing thing done in a movie. It was upsetting and horrifying.

Now, unfortunately, nearly every cheap shoddy horror flick since has ripped it off, rendering it cheesy and hackneyed.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge did it in 1890, though.

First time I saw this I was waiting for something horrible to happen in this scene. There's an undercurrent of dread throughout this film that is rarely achieved today.
yeah this movie rules
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