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Desc:'He proves amazing power anytime! Would you tell television station of your country about him?'
Category:Stunts, Religious
Tags:fraud, chi, Master Ryuken, You shall be surprised by his qigong!
Submitted:blue vein steel
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Comment count is 14
He'd make a pretty good SNK boss if he laughed the entire time as well.
blue vein steel
again for reference, but what happens when you try this crap in a real fight, http://youtu.be/7jf3Gc2a0_8
Oscar Wildcat
Uh oh, Master Ninja. The way of the Hamster has failed you.

Oscar Wildcat
BTW why didn't that clip get in the hopper? It's the most POE worthy of the set.

"Already been submitted":


Five stars for Comeuppance for researching exactly where this video was to be found on poeTV; it couldn't have been easy, with tags like "martial arts", "Ouch", "fraud", and "beating up grandpa".

blue vein steel
yeah, just submitted this to the hopper, vote it dupe

Boy, he sure Sho'dRyuken.

(Hangs head in shame.)

What is supposed to be happening here?
Oh, just looked at the link above. Ha.

blue vein steel
also for reference, http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=104651

BTW, those are different students in each shot because their organs explode from being so close to that raw fucking chi-power, bitches.
Move 1: Thunder Perfect Erection
Move 2: The Wrist of Infinitely Buttered
Move 3: Double Dip Sugar Chi
Move 4: Right Butt Cheek of the Buddha
Move 5: Right Testicle of the Buddha
Move 6: Nut Seeking Antigravity Elbow of Might

And so on.
Jet Bin Fever
So much chi you don't even know it!
His power comes from the Last Samurai soundtrack. Coupled with Tom Cruise, these two have mastered the mystical art of falling for absurdly mockable bullshit.
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