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Desc:Not conveyed in intro: Most of these monkey 'babies' will outlive their 'parents'.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:baby, monkey, america, capuchin, permanent
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Comment count is 10
Monkey Dearest.
wtf japan

I'm sorry.

Koda Maja
For you both.

0:43 really sums it up, doesn´t it?
Jet Bin Fever
People who treat wild animals like they're people should be required to watch this.

Do they ever acknowledge that to raise a monkey baby it had to have been forcibly removed from it's mother?

This is some fucked up Handmaiden's shit right here.
Well, since most of these people are empty nesters wanting an infant that never "grows up" and leaves them, these monkeys have a high chance of outliving their owners, thereby being orphaned twice. Anyone want the buy a 15yo orphan monkey, with lipstick and a lace dress, that is utterly incapable of living in it's natural habitat?

Every poeTVer needs to acquire the full documentary by hook or by crook. It is amazing.
Rodents of Unusual Size
These people are beyond broken.
American Standard
See the monkeys with their tongues sticking out, the ones gumming soft foods and licking hard candies?

They've had all their teeth pulled so they can't bite their owners.

Happy Valentine's Day.
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