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Desc:A doctor performs a very dangerous operation on a hydatid cyst with pop radio in the background.
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:awesome, india, cysts, hydatid, brain surgery
Submitted:Mayberry Pancakes
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Comment count is 26
love - 2006-12-28
he, he popped a brain zit or something. ewww
Gurlugon - 2006-12-28
There are apparently caused by tapeworms. EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
minimalist - 2006-12-28
If I ever have a tapeworm-induced brain-egg, this is the guy I want operating on me
kiint - 2006-12-28
Gylph - 2006-12-29
I want to try surgery. I could start on a gerbil or something.
Killer Joe - 2006-12-29
Not in my brain, please.
Mayberry Pancakes - 2006-12-29
It's so neat!
SRBtP - 2006-12-31
Very rare location for echinococcus. The cyst is filled with scolices - infectious baby worms.
Repomancer - 2008-02-26
Quiet, you.

Caminante - 2007-01-14
There's nothing like seeing brain poop.
blackbetta - 2007-01-15
I'll never be able to eat tapioca again.
Xiphias - 2007-01-16
jim - 2007-01-16
that... that was unpleasant
keinsignal - 2007-01-16
magnificent, in its own way.
dead_cat - 2007-01-18
Vicious - 2007-01-30
I hope I wasn't the only one who saw the title and thought it was a Sega Saturn game.
FABIO2 - 2007-02-03
The final shot looks like a pie crust ^_^
voodoo_pork - 2007-02-20
It looks like he had a silicone breast implant. IN HIS BRAIN.
BAC - 2007-04-19
none of me wants to know that thingy was filled with worms
Billy the Poet - 2007-07-26
It makes me look forward to being dead and cremated.
Uulanbaatorbaby - 2007-11-10
Itīs creepy, yet strangely satisfying when it falls out.
RandomFerret - 2008-03-08
Oh god yes. It's like your entire head is a zit that needs to be popped.

SharoKham - 2007-11-14
Hauntingly beautiful.

The singular of scolices is scolex. A band name like that could stand a chance at winning the championship from Candiria.
retrocious - 2008-01-17
I'm trying to decide if having brain worms would be worth it to wind up with a scar that awesome.
keinsignal - 2008-02-11

sparklefatty - 2008-09-16
It makes the skin on my face and neck crawl as if I'm suddenly covered with bugs.
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