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Desc:women are easily spooked, like horses
Tags:Military, women, rule, dominance, emotional stability
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Comment count is 22
The Mothership
yea, because women can't be trusted to defend their children. they have a poor track record of doing that.
In the past three months, mainstream figures have said things I wouldn't have even thought possible a few years ago...a presidential candidate called Barack Obama "the food stamp president"...Catholic leaders actually called access to birth control an assault on religious freedom...and now the almost unthinkable reaction to giving women expanded roles in combat.

Social regression is so prevalent and so successful in the United States of 2012 that even if the turnaround began right now, it would take decades to simply catch up to the rest of the world.

I'm starting to wonder what the end game is.
This, and the deep division that grows stronger in the country. Maybe these idiots are still a minority, but they just happen to be very loud with their stupidity.

Didn't you hear Clint Eastwood? We all came together and rebuilt Detroit. Halftime is over, man. Its America's second half!

Oscar Wildcat
...and just for giggles, I spiked the water cooler with LSD and viagra. Let the game begin!

Obviously I want you, Bryan Fischer, flying the fighter planes.
Adham Nu'man
c) The best persons qualified for the job?


d) Maybe we could quit the whole fighter plane jingoism bullshit and focus on other areas of financial/economic growth and development?
So I just found out that fighter pilots actually have to go through rigorous schooling and training...
Do we want those kinds of ELITISTS protecting our country?

Caminante Nocturno
There's nothing in the Original Constitution about having an air force, so technically it's illegal for us to continue funding one.

If only DNA had done its job and programmed ladies to love fighter jets instead of shoes, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Preach it brother! No man ever got his period in a fighter plane. All we need is some moody lady bitching at flight control about how they didn't clean the cockpit or how its cold in there and then hitting the ejector just to teach them a lesson. Send 'em to the coast guard, they're DNA has programmed them to be really good at mopping.
Jet Bin Fever
Amen. She'd be doing her makeup up there, like my wife always does in the car when I'm driving her to the store. She says to me, "OH BRYAN, DON'T BUMP ME SO HARD! Slow down!" and so I do. If she were in the cockpit, could you imagine folks? She'd be doing Mach 1 over enemy territory, slow down to put on some rouge, and BLAMMO! One less dame, and most importantly, one less fighter plane for our emotionally stable, dominant, conscious, and vigilant male fighter pilots.

Oscar Wildcat
The natural place for the penis is a cockpit. Duh.
the first few times i heard about bryan fischer, i got him confused in my head with bryan singer. it was pretty confusing.
I actually thought of Bobby Fischer who, of course, wouldn't want the Jews manning the planes. But then again, I think even he would agree that the IDF seem to be doing pretty well with female recruits.

Fur is Murder
Dude, just because every woman you've ever tried to sleep with has screamed and ran the second you dropped your boxers, doesn't mean they're easily spooked.
Women never got the vote where these people came from.
Clearly men have greater emotional stability than women because our boys NEVER come back with PTSD.
Well, now I want them to fly themselves so they turn on us.
Yeah man, do you really want the person piloting your billion dollar killplane to crash it during her first dogfight because she was swapping out a tampon/using the plane's rear-view mirror (They have them! SHUT UP!) to apply her makeup/she blew the canopy so she could flash her tits at the other pilot for money/she was distracted by having a baby?

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