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Category:General Station, Educational
Tags:skweezy, ChAinHanGlOw69, their videos suck, truth siren
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Comment count is 16
Oktay - 2012-02-18
Forgot to mention: he cusses a lot, turn down your volume.
killertomato - 2012-02-18
globs of syrup.
chumbucket - 2012-02-18
This guy makes me laugh.
The Townleybomb - 2012-02-18
Damn, Skweezy is like 35 isn't he!
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-02-18
Google witchcraft.
Sudan no1 - 2012-02-18
In dey computers.

downvoted for boobless hypocrisy

The Mothership - 2012-02-19
this guy is such an ass, but I laughed at this, hard.
MurgatroidMendelbaum - 2012-02-19
Lovable Douchebag.
StanleyPain - 2012-02-19
titties are like venus fly traps for our dicks
Craptabulous - 2012-02-19
So much truth in such a stupid package.

I've loved Skweezy since his multi-part e-date for women. If that's not on here, it should be.

cognitivedissonance - 2012-02-19
I followed Skweezy on Facebook. He stays in character the whole time.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-02-20
He is the Larry the Cable Guy for white guys who want to pretend they're gangsta.

FABIO - 2012-05-31
"Wiggers", son.

glendower - 2012-02-19
Skweezy Jibbs: The Andy Rooney of our generation.
American Standard - 2012-02-20
He's right.
pathetique - 2012-02-25
"gobs of syrup pouring down the side of a bottle cuz someone didn't pour it right."
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