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Desc:The winner gets a spanking.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Incest, Spanking, Child abuse, im telling!, the newlywed game
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Comment count is 13
Can the blonde kid use this video as evidence in a court of law?
Master race approves of spankings.
This was on at 6:30am Saturday mornings. It's like "The Newlywed Game for Kids". I don't remember the host's voice being so goddam annoying.
Rodents of Unusual Size

I'm speechless here.
My mom didn't want me watching this show growing up. She said it was stupid. In hindsight, she was right about this AND Dinosaucers.
The Mothership
"Where is the strangest place your sister has made whoopie?"
Prickly Pete
"That would be in the butt, Bob."

Game show ideas are evil by default.
Watching this didn't just make my skin crawl - it actually leapt off my body and is now trying to hitchhike away from...this.
MC Scared of Bees
I was toying with voting this up in the hopper just because of the first girl's teeth, but Creep-O-Matic host at 1:00 made me hit "vote up" out of fright.
Obviously punishment seems different to the victim than it does to the spectator UNLESS a belt is involved.
The hug at the end is kind of heartwarming. If your heart survives.
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