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Desc:They just don't make nightmare fuel like they used to.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:clutch cargo, uncanny valley, nightmare fuel, Horrible cartoon infinity, syncro vox
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Jet Bin Fever
"Ooga Looga," is Inuit for "My dog is retarded."
Don't let this video give you a false impression of Inuit people. They don't really talk like that.

Inuits have proper cartoon mouths that people took the time to do right.

Hounds syndrome.

Void 71
I thought it was the sound they made just before slipping into unconsciousness after a huffing bender.

Monkey Napoleon
I'm concerned as to why his dog is named "Snowball"

MC Scared of Bees
Oh, thanks, Monkey. Thanks a LOT. D:

No, it doesn't sound good at all...
OH GOD, that image has burned itself into my brain.
Did anyone catch what they were talking about, I was too busy being horrified by their otherworldly face-anuses to notice.
You heard me speak of him!
Christopher Walken, talking about a watch he rammed up his butthole.
Know Your Arctic People! From the following blog:



In Canada, the term Inuit is preferred over Eskimo, which is considered offensive. What many people do not know is that using the term Inuit as a blanket term for all arctic people in Alaska is offensive Ė the opposite of the situation in Canada. Why? Because there are two main groups of arctic people in Alaska, the Yupik and the IŮupiat. The Yupik peoples are Eskimo but not Inuit. Quite understandably, they donít like being called Inuit because they arenít Inuit (and the word doesnít even exist in Yupik languages). This means that itís better to call arctic Alaskans Eskimos, not Inuit Ė or better yet, call them Yupik if they are Yupik, IŮupiat if they are IŮupiat, Cupíik if they are Cupíik, and so on.

So, to sum it up:

Canada: Inuit

United States (i.e., Alaska): Eskimo, which includes Yupik and Inuit peoples

Greenland: Kalaallit (Inuit may be acceptable as well, but I simply donít know)

Russia: Eskimo (albeit in Russian, Эскимо). Mostly Yupik peoples, with the exception of Inuit on Big Diomede. Sirenikski may be separate from both Yupik and Inuit (hat tip to Anthony Woodbury).

Also, the name of the language family encompassing their languages is Eskimo-Aleut. Within Eskimo, thereís a division between Yupik and Inuit languages, much like the division between the cultural groups. Replacing Eskimo-Aleut with *Inuit-Aleut would be incorrect.

Note: contrary to popular belief, there are also non-Eskimo indigenous peoples in Alaska: the Aleut (Unangan) as well as many different Native American groups. Iíve seen at least one popular American movie set in Southeast Alaska that called the local indigenous people Inuit Ė a gross error, because the peoples of that region are neither IŮupiat nor Yupik.
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