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Desc:Jennifer Aniston and some guy from Friends narrate your Windows 95 instructional video.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Windows, friends, THE NINETIES, Jennifer Aniston
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Comment count is 15
Why Microsoft's Cyber Sitcom division never really took off.
wow that is some awful direction
Born in the RSR
Nothing is better than Progman you lying bitch!
"A wacky group of propeller-heads"?

I was rather alive in the 90s and even I don't remember anyone saying that.
There isn't a single second of this that isn't unbearably corny. Who writes this stuff?
0:27 "You'll get more than a few laughs as we present the world's first cyber sitcom..." I already had douche chills.

Also WHY IS THERE A SEINFELD NOISE every time there's a joke? Did they forget what sitcom Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry were from?
Jet Bin Fever
I guess they weren't 'Friends' of the show. *SLAP BASS RIFF*

Rodents of Unusual Size
Jennifer Aniston made the Bounty Hunter so this comes as no surprise. It's hard to dip lower than that.
I like how you can have as many programs open on the taskbar as you want. Yessir, on a 1995 machine that sure is something.
Imagine the mountain of coke Perry bought with this.
Void 71
That's some pretty sweet pincussion distortion.
Oscar Wildcat
Fuck these tools, real men used NT at the time.
Dread Pirate Roberts
Who else saw this at the Found Footage Festival three+ years ago?

I know I did.
Windows 3.1 was better. But I have to say, creating an Excel document to track golf scores...BRILLIANT! Similarly, I decided to buy a computer in order to create a spreadsheet that would track my bowling scores. This allows me to view all of the data in a convenient line graph. Now I can really keep track of my game. And closing the program is extremely convenient. I just click the box with the 'X' in it in the right corner. Before this innovation, I used to unplug my computer after saving the document.
Let's go over to Bill's terminal and confuse things some more.
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