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Desc:He forgot to say how they love to eat them, OM OM OM
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Abortion, white people, abortions for some miniature american flags for ot, john hawkin
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Comment count is 15
Not another santorum video...oh, wait.
Exactly what I said.

Oh yeah that forced abortion law. Must be mentioned in one of the many picture books propped behind him.
Well, if we can't kill babies, who CAN we kill?
You can kill anybody you like if you're a member of the NRA and they're not white.

find/replace -> liberal/conservative
find/replace -> babies/arabs

Well, there's my political discourse for the day!
Born in the RSR
I submitted a documentary on communist Romania's anti-abortion policies and it's disastrous results. I love when conservative American values overlap with Communist moral values.

Warning: contains very disturbing images.

Only Republican babies, and only because burlap sacks and rivers are conveniently common in America.
It's always the frumpy white guys.
Nobody told me you get to actually watch them die. How do you do that? Do I need to get on a waiting list or something?

Someone e-mail me and let me know:

These are for you guys.
Robin Kestrel
His pasty face is all chapped like that from suctioning the sides of the aquarium with his fishy lips.

I had to resort to an ad hominem attack there, because let's face it- the dude is right. We're only in this for the baby killing, if we're being honest with ourselves. That's the big draw, that and better schools.
I actually thought of something similar when he first appeared. My first thought was "self-hating gay man" and "I bet he can suck a mean dick. Not that I'd know or anything."

What terrible production values. I can't decide which is more poorly done, the opening graphics or the bulk of the video.
Corpus Delectable
Wait, he's saying I can kill babies MYSELF?! If I'd have known that THAT was an option...
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