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Desc:this is a very good idea
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:rollerblading, xxxtreme
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Comment count is 24
stars for the fear in his voice
Caminante Nocturno
That fear is like a drug I can't quit.

The Mothership
Ah, screams of pain and fear. this used to be POETV's lifeblood. More, I grow thirsty.
Oscar Wildcat
Fuck you people. I would have assumed that it was aquarium glass too.
Crab Mentality
If you're not sure what kind of glass it is, simply put your entire weight upon it!

Oscar Wildcat
Then you would be the reason there is half a page of safety instructions stuck to my cigarette lighter.

0:05 - mysterious bubble dents in visibly and audibly.
0:12 - mysterious bubble dents in visibly and audibly followed by applying complete weight anyway.
0:15 + - natural selection is thwarted by altruism reflex.

Jet Bin Fever
Meme is right. The thing dents over and over, but they still hop on it. Guy had it coming.

Fucking americans, everything has to be childproof for you idiots.

My mistake. I didn't noticed the dents until Meme pointed them out, and assumed the situation was smug internet dorks being smug about the fact that people who go outside almost die sometimes.

Oscar Wildcat
To be fair, it's not immediately apparent from watching the clip. But I think the word you're looking for isn't smug, it's schadenfreude ( not sure what equivalent english term is, if any ).

Nostalgia is the word I'd use. I did way stupider things than this.

Now I'm going to make some stickers with "AQUARIUM GLASS - WILL NOT BREAK!" written on them.

His plead for help tells me this may not be the first time one of them has almost maimed/killed themselves...or that the norm is to point, laugh, upload to youtube, laugh some more, tweet about it, then get help. In that order.
So where does that thing lead?
Shark tank.

The Mothership
underground parking garage, looks like.

How high was that fall? Is hard to tell from the video's point of view.
Koda Maja
High enough when you're landing with rollerblades on.

That doesn't even look fun. At least when I was an idiot kid, we did dangerously stupid things because they were fun.
My thoughts exactly. Aren't these guys supposed to slide down rails and things?

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