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Desc:11 year old driving a manual SUV. Guess where.
Category:Sports, Educational
Tags:driving, russia, manual, childhood fantasy
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Comment count is 16
they are driving to church

to get married

This isn't Alabama, it's Russia.

He's driving her to her porn shoot.

***** for these two comments. They illustrate perfectly one of the main differences between the US and Russia.

Well at least they're not Asian.

Rodents of Unusual Size
In Mother Russia, children drive you!
Jet Bin Fever
Seatbelts are for GEEKS.
My uncle owns a farm near the country town I grew up in, and when my family gathered there last christmas his 10yo grand-kid took my young nieces for a drive around the farm in her personal automobile. An old bright pink rustbucket with a cheerful mouse painted on the bonnet. It was named the "pink-squeak".

They were driving about 1/4rd the speed of these kids though...
We never did any driving in my hick childhood, but we did have a "shootin' car", which doubled as the "M-80 and firecracker car" starting June 15th and running through whenever the hell the reservation stopped selling.

Uh, consider for a moment how this is being recorded.
I was wondering about that... then the music started and I stopped worrying about it.

They drove to the store and bought a dashcam, duh.

I guessed correctly.
when i have children, i want to raise them in russia
Spaceman Africa
Fuck, Russia was my second guess.
What was your first?

Spaceman Africa
America, duh.

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