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Desc:VA GOP pol talks about how his wife refused to screw him after he helped push the TVU abortion bill.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Abortion, Virginia, no sex, ultrasound, porno beat
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Comment count is 18
Grandmaster Funk
This is the strangest stand-up venue I've ever seen.
He's from NoVa. It's what I've come to expect...

This is an encapsulation of NoVa. He's white, "rich", sexually frustrated, and works for the government while treating it like a joke.

whats NoVa?

Northern Virginia. It consists almost entirely of the old people who have desks at the pentagon/DC/Gov't contractors and the young people who actually do the work at those places. Anyone left over works at bars and restaurants. For the record, the place fucking rocks.

Yeah, that's why.
I'm starting a petition to require women to officially name their shits and post pictures of them to Facebook before flushing them. I'm reading for that Super PAC money, by golly!
I don't know WHY I'm reading.

Syd Midnight
Call it the One Less Republican project.

Jet Bin Fever
You'd think all that talk about transvaginal would get her hot. I mean, she's Republican right?
wtf japan
Just some good ole boys, never meanin' no harm.
Grandmaster Funk
You can tell they don't really hate women because he made a stupid voice when he imitated people accusing them of hating women.

wtf japan
He kind of sounds like Patton Oswalt, actually. Must be a Virginia thing.

At least she picked a bill requiring doctors to sexually assault their patients before finally giving into the revulsion she must feel at his every touch.
Awesome, he's one of those guys who can't say the word vagina without getting all uncomfortable and/or flustered.

Clearly this man has every right in the world to legislate women.
That was HIGH-larious!!!!!

Virginia's kind of a shithole, isn't it? I've never been there, but that's my impression based on every Virginian I've ever met + various news stories & videos.

"Patton Oswalt - Sterling, Virginia"

All you need to know...

Richmond was the capital of the confederacy.

Virginia never recovered.

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