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Desc:documentary following every detail of the exacting recreation of a 19th century sword guard.
Category:Arts, Science & Technology
Tags:documentary, swords, Ford Hallam, Hagia Katsuhira
Submitted:Gamara II
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Part 2 is part 1, part 3 is where you'll find part 2.
Very interesting.

I like to imagine what the world would be like if we had few MBAs and more artisans and craftsmen.
I did not expect to find this so compelling.
I've watched this about a dozen times, this guy is simply incredible.
Oh my god. When he explained that the stripes are actually inlays I just about had a stroke.
The inlay integration is just incredible. What an awesome 4 month journey!

Do the Japan have something against the lost wax method or something? Carving out an ingot seems like the most tedious possible way of making anything.
At some point in the second part I realized that my mouth had been hanging open for so long that it had gotten all dried out and gross.
Thank you, that was awesome, and surprisingly exciting. I actually felt my heart racing at the end.
Hell yeah, Crysis shirt!

Actually, I've sent this to just about every artisan in my family. It's absolutely stunning.
Gamara II
I'm glad everyone enjoyed this so much. I found it on a post from metafilter:


The other videos aren't as amazing, but the folkstreams site linked there is definitely worth a look. I'll be posting some more videos from there.
Jesus, I love people with passion for quality and pour their soul into their work.

This also made me deeply miss my Kendo and Iaido days.
That was pretty damn good, but I wonder if the patron made an unboxing video once he got the finished product.
Oscar Wildcat
I'm imagining that fat kid from a few days back waving the thing at his mom for Youtube. Sweet.
Great work, but it seems a bit disingenuous to recreate the signature without at least an additional signature by himself. Seems like it kind of cross the line into forgery rather than recreation.
He probably did mark it with his own signature somewhere inconspicuous, and anyway, I thought it was not dishonest, but remarkably disinterested to sign another's name after spending so much time and expertise creating such a beautiful piece. The more successful his reproduction is, the more transparent his authorship becomes, so that perfection means total anonymity, which is a strange and wonderful creative object.

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