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Desc:Blueballs. Booties are gross. Meet my machete.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:machete, wildmanchris, not cwc, shorty short short arms, what is your major malfunction
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Comment count is 17
Death from above. Snake-eater.
"If you cut off a man's balls, you got an angry man on your hands."
5 horrific evil stars for this likely being one of those "authorities seized this video" after the small town "this kind of thing never happens here" massacre to come.
Girls fart out of their booties... and worse.
Hammer Falls
OK, then...
Oscar Wildcat
Baby, you're arm's too short, to BOX WITH GOD!
Someday a real rain will come and wash all the short arms off the streets.
Your arms look fine bud. Now put the damn blade down before you take off part of your leg and end up with a really short leg, shorter than all the girls.
Your not supposed to download videos here 0/10 didnt watch
Just like you're supposed to know how to use an apostrophe but didn't.

whats 'apostrophe"?

wtf japan
The worst thing about cutting off a man's balls is getting angry man on your hands.
This isn't going to end well.
This is probably the most saddening video I've seen on this site in ages. Hope the kid gets help- he's clearly got problems and by the sound of it, is in a situation that's only making them worse.
Ah, I think we all can remember that bygone time in our youth when we had the "sex means absolutely nothing to me, I'm a hoarder" talk with our fathers.
Jet Bin Fever
May 13, 1997. That was the day my life changed forever.

wow. five for sadness.
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