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Desc:It's actually a lot of fun, and it's free!
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Mario, portal, indie games, the opposite of skrimp
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Comment count is 5
It's neat to play around with. However the developers apparently don't know what VSYNC is, as there's no option to turn it on, and the simple 2d graphics somehow make my Nvidia card reach temps usually reserved for playing games like Crysis.
MC Scared of Bees
They added vsync in the 1.1 update today, supposedly. Shit is still laggy and hard to control, though. Too bad.

-2 for use of "skrimp" as if it was a real word
Oh heck, I didn't see that!

Five for Skrimp, the best new word!

Scrimp is a real word

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