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Desc:He's really excited about his animes.
Category:Video Games, Business
Tags:fat, nerd, otaku, neckbeard, unboxing
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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Comment count is 16
Jet Bin Fever
A fool and his money are soon parted. Sadly, the same can not be said of virginity.
Oh boy, it's every single bad stereotype of yt unboxing videos all rolled into one.
put that boxcutter down before fapping, sir

As opposed to all of the "good" stereotypes, I suppose.

He could at least start the video with "ALL RIGHT BACK AGAIN"


oh, the irony
1987? This turd looks like he's 45 years old.
Unboxing is so passe, bring on 2012's Sitting Waiting For The Postman video craze
The real future is watching videos of people downloading stuff.
"omg you guys it's at 69%!! Funny number lol! Oh hey look who it is, it's my cat Dr. Nibbles. Oh lolol he farted!"

Hugo Gorilla
I like that he has his own obnoxious and unfunny catchphrases. I can't wait for the video of him "slip sloppin' slippin, baby" his knuckle wide open when he flashes the box cutter at the camera, and it concludes later after a trip to E/R and there are close-ups of his stiches.
The smell of ripe fat sweat seems to permeate even his videos.
Seems he has a problem with plastic.
I really like this game, and I really like this box set, but...jesus fucking christ.

Also, those boxers that he says are really small? They're extra large.
I want to do an 'unboxing' video where I just unceremoniously dump the contents of it on the kitchen table without commentary and it's over in six seconds

that wasn't supposed to be a reply. oh well!

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