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Desc:A world unlike any I have known.
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:dancing, white people, polish people
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Koda Maja
Oscar Wildcat
The Schmenge Brothers brief foray into techno was greeted warmly by their new fans, but the more traditional elders showed disapproving stares and the soles of their shoes.
The Mothership
you could take the same beat and translate the song into English and you could tell me we were in Scotland, and I wouldn't question.
The Townleybomb
Oh god, just change all of the tags to white people.
wish I could dance as cool as they do ...
As poeTV's resident Polish lurker I feel obliged to provide some explantion, but I just don't know where to begin. Then again, maybe I shouldn't even try, for the sake of your sanity.
Dark secrets and obscene rites lurk the Polish nights.

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