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Desc:This mod sure showed Barney the Dinosaur
Category:Video Games
Tags:Beavis and Butthead, 90s, Doom, barney, mod
Submitted:Spit Spingola
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Comment count is 15
I remember discussing this mod on the playground in elementary school. We all agreed that killing Barney was the height of entertainment.
I was 12 years old when my parents first got an Internet connection. At least a third of my online time was devoted to reading Kill Barney sites. The Jihad to Destroy Barney was a fun one.

This mod is a remnant of an entire 1996 subculture. You just had to be there.
I hear he ate some guy's balls.

I used to like those Kill Barney sites too, but my tastes matured pretty fast.

Now I'm into Kill The Spice Girls sites.

I had no idea what a mod was when I saw all these doom variations in people's computers, and thought they were secret codes.
I still have Tricks Of the Doom Gurus someplace.
Doom and Source engine mods were the Little Big Planet of the day.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
were? source is still good!

also this is possibly the most juevenile thing ever created. In a neutral way.

Fuck, the Build engine, not Source.

Aliens TC was the best mod ever. The Serenity Trilogy and Return to Phobos were great wads too.
I remember Aliens TC got shut down for copyright infringement. Which is ironic, since it was probably the only good game adaptation of the Alien franchise.

Extreme hatred of Barney the Dinosaur is so 90s.
Louis Armstrong
Thats why "Death to Smoochie" was horrible. Wrong time for it.

Meatsack Jones
-1 star for making the pistol miss everything being held sideways.
Meatsack Jones
NOT miss. Crap I need to post sober once.

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