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Desc:The height of comedy in 1983
Category:Arts, Classic TV Clips
Tags:80s, laugh track, Rich Hall, not necessarily the news, sniglets
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Comment count is 8
Having lived through the brief, but noticeable "sniglet" phase this show generated, the only one that ever stuck with me all these years was "gasso asso", the person who cuts through gas stations to avoid waiting to turn at an intersection.
I still use "glacket", which is the ball inside a can of spray paint

Hay Belly
Revulipulancy: The act of turning your head to try to read what it says on an album that is playing.

I'll never forget the shot of I guess Pankin wearing shorts demonstrating how your skin sticks to the cat seat when it's hot but I can't remember what the Sniglet name for that was. Just fat skin peeling off the leather. And I still have the clip of the pretend news conference where Reagan explains why the US had to invade Grenada.

Because of nutmeg.

Remember they turned sniglets into a board game similar to Balderdash. While in balderdash, they gave you the word and you tried to write a definition to fool people, sniglets gave you the definition and you had to write a word for it. The only one I remember is "food on the floor you can only detect with your bare feet", and the sniglet was "Toefu".

Whatever happened to Rich Hall?
He's a semi-perma guest on Q.I.

Hay Belly
He's been replaced by some guy named Otis Lee Crenshaw.

he is great on QI... it's weird connecting these two 'versions' of Rich Hall into one contiguous entity

I always thought Purpitation was the act of following paranoid schizophrenic people in red cars just to fuck with them. Hence, the term "Purp".
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