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Desc:The Sun is scarier than you think
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:scary, Surface, tornado, planet, sun
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If you stare at them long enough, they become an expressionist dance troupe.
My dad got a solar telescope for his backyard observatory, and every time I visit him and the weather's right, we take a good look at the sun. The fact that every distinct feature, every sunspot or flare, you can make out is SEVERAL DOZEN EARTHS WIDE never really stops being fucking insane.

Anything you can see on the sun is at least Everything In The Entire World wide.
I don't understand science, and there's scary music playing, so I'll assume this is a part of the Apocolypse.
No tornado disaster relief for the sun! Vote Ron Paul!
There is a website where you can go watch the sun in realish time, so some stoner with really good weed probably saw this before most people did and probably said "holy shit."

21st century.
Sun Tornadoes is a pretty sweet band name.
whirls on sun's surface, a great first album; cant wait for the sophomore effort

The universe is a pretty rad place.
Rodents of Unusual Size
It is truly awesome and vast. And scary. This is somewhere in between neat and those things.

Same happens to me every time I eat too much chili 'n' beans! (cue stock, strained-sounding sitcom laughtrack)
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