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Desc:MLM Shyster Orders a Fruit Plate
Tags:MLM, Randy Gage
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Comment count is 10
I've never experienced Cognitive Dissonance so hard that I had to make a youtube video (channel?) about it.
You've never experienced Cognitive Dissonance. Buy me dinner first.

Corpus Delectable
Goddam that was a creepy smirk when he said "luuv" at 0:24.
Corpus Delectable
Also, H. sapiens being a tool.

Jackass animal week continues.

Lex Luthor does MLM?

I guess that's why he's a supervillain.
Punching this guy in the face would bring me joy. I wonder if Mr. Prosperity could help me attain my dream?
Spending on a fruit plate doesn't mean you enjoy life more than anyone else or anything of the sort; it means you're a gullible fuck.
American Standard
So does this toolbox have a deliciously mortifying backstory or what? I really want to hate him.

I mean, more than I already do.
Syd Midnight
He's not a who, he's a what: a confidence man pretending to be a rich man in order to impress some marks. He spent on a fruit plate because some other people gave him that money expecting him to show them how to become as wealthy and successful as he must be since he's such a carefree big spender. It's a classic.

They're just a lot lazier about it nowadays because they can flee to some foreign locale BEFORE talking people out of their money, thereby avoiding any risk of mob justice, tar & feathers, etc.

Wonko the Sane
this guy is clueless
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