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Desc:The entire first look into the inside of Noel Fielding's head.
Category:Humor, Fashion
Tags:noel fielding, Pele, Luxury Comedy
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Comment count is 11
What if, like, Tim and Eric were British?

I personally hate this guys sense of humor, and love Tim and Eric.

So. That's there.

I hate Nazis.

I hate turtles

Hubba Bubba Nightmare
Nick from Fulham, or NFFAgain is one of the few people I subscribe to, he has a brilliant channel. He has tons of episodes of QI and other british comedy I can't get on this side of the pond
I honestly think this is better than Mighty Boosh. I feel like I may be one of the odd people that finds this funny.

Well now I just look like a dick

"Is this a joke? Or is this a concept?" is a question that should be asked more, and puts Tim and Eric into perspective for the lonelies. out there.

I think it's heavenly.

Not sure why anyone likes this guy. Girls and gay men are probably his audience, because these sort of jokes are a lot harder to swallow when you're not turned on by his cutesy faces.
I "appreciate" the kid show production quality, but this is no funnier than Tim & Eric's random crap. Four for it at least having art direction.
These points are solely for "he produced a Norman sword and gashed me across the bellypouch with the speed and agility of a NASA cyborg."
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