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Desc:Evidence America's Cops Are out Of Control?
Category:News & Politics
Tags:fox news, Out of Control, TYT, Americas Cops
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Comment count is 27
Binro the Heretic
Holy fucking shit, this is just heartbreaking and horrifying.

Stars for EVIL.
Why are people 1-starring this? Is it a dupe?
Pigs of poeTV.

One-star, no comment and run!

racism deniers

Monkey Napoleon
Personal POV aside, the comments on this video are indicative of what I'm starting to see as a depressing trend on this site. Come one, come all to PoeTV where nobody could possibly hope to understand the ratings system. Click on one video, and get an insane critique of something stupid and inconsequential. Click on another and get an extremist circle jerk. Click on another and realize these people are no better youtube commentators. 1-star and run on another just to see what names they'll call you without even having made your position.

You guys fucking suck.

Monkey Napoleon
*better than youtube commentators.

No. It is not a new trend. It has always been that way. This probably isn't the best place for you, just not a good fit. Nothing personal. Good luck in your future endevours.

Monkey Napoleon
You seem to have confused my "you guys are shitty and you should feel bad" rant with a "this sucks and I quit" rant.

Have I? Perhaps one more reason to part ways my friend. Don't feel bad, its not you its me. We really did try and make it.

Actually who am i kidding. Don't go!!!!! I need you. It will be different this time. Lets start over.

So in other words he wants to be the only one talking on the Internet.

Dumbshit new users are.
This guy is obnoxious but 5 stars because what assholes are 1-starring?
That guy
Do we need to have a meeting about the stars?

Monkey Napoleon
We've needed a meeting about the stars for a couple of years now.

Spaceman Africa
fuck the police
Rodents of Unusual Size
I once met a neighborhood watch captain. He came into the store I was working and talked about his plans to keep Mexicans out of the neighborhood and a bunch of people who lived around him were really excited about it. He had a swastika tattoo on his upper arm. I wonder if he wore a long sleeved shirt while getting recruits.
As a rule, neighborhood watch captains are to be held to greater scrutiny than random citizens; easily-obtained positions of authority are like catnip for the chronically insecure, the power-hungry, and just plain coco-nutty.

I think skittles and canned iced tea should be ILLEGAL
Robin Kestrel
American cops are out of control AND since 9/11 they've been stuffed full of tons of military hardware and the ideas that a) civilians are the enemy and cops are soldiers, b) cops, as First Responders, are heroes above reproach, and c) laws and rights are things that can be ignored without consequence if you say you were trying to keep the public safe.

Not a great combination, so it's not surprising when you end up with things like Joe Arpaio & Steven Seagal in a tank running over puppies for reality TV.
Robin Kestrel

It's called being white in a gated community.

"sprinkle some crack on him and let's go home."
You guys are stupid, people aren't racist anymore, we have a black president.
Jet Bin Fever
Pigs... keepin' the E in PoE!
Fuck you coward 1 star guys. I may be 2 years too late and this video may no longer work but these 5 stars are in defiance of your bullshit antics, newish users.
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