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Desc:10 year old girl amps herself up for her first ski jump
Tags:ski jump, little girl, Also her balls are huge
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Comment count is 16
Corpus Delectable
That's the cutest damn thing I've ever seen/heard!

The accent makes it!
Pure evil.

Simian Pride
Completely adorable.
The Mothership
Completely adorable.

Caminante Nocturno
Right on, kid!
That's exactly what the inner monologue in my head sounds like when I go down the green runs
This kid is made of awesome!
Monty Cantsin
Made me cry.
"Will I go faster on the end run?"
"A little bit."
"A little bit?"
Now I want to try.

Except that I suck at skiing, would probably break both legs, and would end up on youtube for entirely different reasons.
love how all the other kids at the end are all sitting around like, "whatever, yeah. Why'd it take YOU so long?"
Robin Kestrel
Fist pump. You go, girl.
Marcel the Shell With Skis On
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