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Desc:Real or Fake? POE viewers want to know!
Category:Stunts, Science & Technology
Tags:bird, man, Wings, flight, glider
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Comment count is 20
"Fake or not, doesn't change the fact that I cried."
~ bolmeteus, YouTube
Dread Pirate Roberts
Real, or fake, I don't care. That's way to vigorous a workout routine to travel 50 yards.
I'm going to err on the side of fake. Yes, this guy has an extensive blog and I think he's even given a TED talk, but those wings don't look at all like they're supporting his weight when he "takes off."

Oops I meant to say: LiveScience has some real experts weighing in and they all agree it's fakety fake fake.

Also the Gizmodo article they link to is great, having a bunch of CGI heavyweights simultaneously admire and tear the shit out of it:

http://gizmodo.com/5895235/cgi-experts-say-flying-bird-man-is- fake

Koda Maja
Icarus tag?
His transition to put his legs up behind him was where he decided that yeah he probably was actually flying at that point. (0:34)
Now make one attached to a Rainbow Dash costume.
Based on how fake this and few other of his flight attempt videos look, I have a feeling this is a really in depth hoax. It seems to be working really well because he has made it into a number of popular science magazines, at least based upon his website.
He takes off from a reaaaly far shot, and then it cuts to a side view immediately after 'liftoff'... consisting of him wiggling little wingtips.

Ever seen a heron take off? It takes a bit more effort than that.

B. Weed
Some ILM guys weigh in on it (and say it's fake):

http://gizmodo.com/5895235/cgi-experts-say-flying-bird-man-is- fake
Binro the Heretic
If it were that easy, we'd have been doing this for centuries.

Fakety fake.
In their defense, maybe it wasn't until this decade that materials light and strong enough to do this were available.

Still probably fake.

Binro the Heretic
Lightness of the wings notwithstanding, imagine the muscle it would take to flap them hard enough to lift a man that size.

Also consider that it's not as though he's doing a pull-up or a press-up. His arms are spread wide, relying entirely on his pectoral and biceps for the downstroke.

While a physically fit man would indeed be able to exert enough force to lift himself in such a manner (imagine a gymnast lifting himself on the rings) it's not an action than can be repeated for long.

It's more likely he's being suspended by a cable attached to his back and the "flapping" merely provided forward propulsion.

On top of that, without flaps or any 'control surfaces' how the fuck would you even turn?

Old People
"Press-up". I love you Brits. The same people who "neck" beers.
And yeah, fake. Pretty basic physics that my friend recently explained to me and that I pretended I understood.

For some reason, presenting the fakey flying fiasco with such sincerity really pisses me off. Maybe because I love real flying so much. The monkey-eagle suit guy should have swooped in and smacked the back of his head.
You guys missed the video where he got his bones replaced by light weight, helium filled tubes.
Holy shit those wings flapping look so incredibly fake, how did this fool anyone who has watched movies in the past 10 years.
I'm betting he has a huge Truther following.

God this shit is so fake to anyone that has ever seen a bird take off or knows anything beyond facebook or pop culture.

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