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Desc:this fireman is crappy
Tags:Fireman, crappy
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Comment count is 16
The Mothership
Is he crappy, or is he trying to suppress escaping sparks that could spread the fire to other buildings?
Quiet, you.

I'm not a fireman (or a bouncer), so I'm not sure if this is a legitimate way of doing things. It doesn't appear to be, and until I find out otherwise, this is funny.
Adham Nu'man
It is a viable technique (even to suppress flames) but it's not performed using a solid jet (such as in this case) but rather a wide angle mist jet of water, that way, falling mist will cool the hot smoke and prevent the fire from spreading and in some cases even suffocate a small fire. A solid jet like this is used on the base of the flames. So yeah, he is making an ass of himself. He is also leaning against a wooden fence to prevent the hose kickback from knocking him over.

Adham Nu'man

So how does a person this inept find themselves in this position? How did they ever graduate from driving their Blazer around and directing traffic? Wait, is that how it works? If you're not a fireman and you're just a weirdo who knows a lot about firefighting techniques, then I apologize.

Adham Nu'man
I used to be a firefighter, UNTIL I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE (No, but really, I did fuck up my knee real bad), not in the U.S. though. We did follow NFPA standards however.
I know that in the U.S., like us, you have both permanent staff and volunteers. How dependent on volunteers your stations are, I do not know. In my country, we have a minimum permanent staff but are extremely dependent on the work of volunteers.
I am assuming this man is a volunteer, although, you know, he could be permanent (stranger things have happened in this world). I don't mean to be dismissive of volunteers: their training (at least from what I've seen) is very intensive, exhaustive, and extremely gruelling, and they also have to keep a daytime job. The whole system is designed to prevent this kind of thing from happening. But sometimes, you know... it does...

Now I know firestuff.

Jet Bin Fever
If you think this is bad... you should see the firehouse urinal.



He's pretty crappy, but a few years ago an acoustic tile in my ceiling fell onto a light bulb and started smoldering while I was out, and when I got home there were eight firefighters (including the fire chief) leaving becaue they couldn't find anything, despite a three story stairwell full of weird smelling smoke.

I found the fire myself in 5 minutes and put it out.

They were the crappiest firefighter's I know of.
It's funny if you consider him stoned out of his firefighting mind.
I saw something similarly weird looking going on and went and asked them about it. Turns out it was a training thing where they were letting the one house burn down on purpose but trying to make sure it didn't spread to anything else. I don't know if anything like that is going on here though.
Meatsack Jones
Yup, and these are the guys who run EMS as well...just shoot yourself if you get sick in a FD run EMS system.
Robin Kestrel
He's not crappy; how is he supposed to hit the roof from that angle? He can't back up any further because of the fence. Unless he can adjust that hose stream to a short arc, exactly what is he supposed to have done?
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