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Desc:In Arkansas, yes, THE Arkansas.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:news, Gun, truck, arkansas, Mississippi County
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Resubmit:The Mothership

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The Mothership
Mississippi county, Arkansas.

I know, god, I know. I couldn't believe it either.

guest appearance from probably-not-the-fattest cop in the county
Corpus Delectable
It's the fat trifecta: Southern food, donuts, squad-car-sedentary lifestyle.

You laugh, but what you don't see are the two other guys taking cover behind him.

She's just lucky she wasn't wearing a hoodie, or he would have been justified in defending himself with that gun.
I've driven through that county many times. That is a flat, depressing part of the country.
Pull a gun on a television news crew, no one will ever know! It's the perfect crime!
Extra irony for the newscaster having the last name of "Ransom."
Koda Maja
"Give me back my gun!"

Dr Robot
Believe it or not, "Ransom" was actually a pretty common first name around the time of the American Revolution.

Fat cops, on the case.
He didn't hit the camera, he pushed it to the side and didn't damage it. So no vandalism.

He didn't point the gun at them and didn't say he intended to shoot. So no assault.

If he has a permit, they MIGHT get him on "public display of a firearm" but I doubt it.

He wanted them to leave and succeeded.

MrTurbochargd 8 hours ago

And so it begins...
im more surprised they dont have guns pulled on them more frequently
The redneck in me honestly can't blame him. I also hate news crews fucking with people thinking they're entitled to film and show anything.
I'm an Arkansas resident, born and raised. There are two predominant accents in this state, the typical red-neck hickcent you hear in this video, and a more astute midwestern style accent. Hickcent is more prevalent, especially in smaller towns. But we actually have cities. With educated people who even believe in evolution and gay rights, no less! But yeah, anything in the Eastern part of the state is pure wasteland.
But, if you can avoid those areas, there's some nice scenery, fantastic state parks, mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers, and some cities actually have these weird things called thriving art communities.

i do believe that's a Hi-Point firearm, a brand of gun made from machined zinc to be extra cheap. you can get them for under 0 at most places that bother to carry them.

stay classy mississippi county.
I loved hearing the difference between her "reporter" dialect and her "street" speech.
Robin Kestrel
"I'll teach you to code switch on me!"

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