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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2012-03-28

Thats a pretty tastefully done piece promoting such a thing

Gmork - 2012-03-28

-1 star for not being fully automatic and loaded with grenade or flechette rounds.

Toenails - 2012-03-28

Soon to be the gun of choice for conjoined twins everywhere.

pineapplejuicer - 2012-03-28

i know i'm not the only one who thought "and that's how with a little string and know how, you can turn one gun into five guns"

pressed peanut sweepings - 2012-03-28

Ha. Great reference.

The Mothership - 2012-03-28

What is it about Italians and high powered firearms?

MrBuddy - 2012-03-28

You mean like Beretta?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-03-28

Kill two hoodies for the price of one.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-03-28

I suppose the point is you get 4x the stopping power using standard .45 ammunition. A pistol using shotgun shells would be about as practical, yet capable of so much more. You might actually hit something with the latter.

freedoom - 2012-03-28

what happens when one half of the gun jams? since they use the same slide i guess both halves would be jammed.

Caminante Nocturno - 2012-03-28

This is literally like something out of a video game, which is fitting, because I can't see it having any practical use outside of one.

Nikon - 2012-03-28

I was thinking this would be Two-Face's gun of choice.

garcet71283 - 2012-03-28

But one half would need to be loaded with blanks.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-03-28

He reminds of the Hitman guy.

Doomstein - 2012-03-28

I'd like to think that their gunsmith welded two 1911's together as an elaborate and time consuming joke. But as punishment the boss is making him produce them in large quantity for sale.

CrimsonHyperSloth - 2012-03-28

Yo dawg! I heard you like guns, so we strapped a gun to a gun so you can fire while you fire!


Uh... Have you never heard of Xhi...



Robin Kestrel - 2012-03-28

If Homer Simpson designed a pistol.

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2012-03-28

Moe, actually.

Hooker - 2012-03-28

For when you absolutely, no question about it, just have to kill that deer.

Crackersmack - 2012-03-28

The really beautiful thing about this gun is that it is even more pointless than you think. Since two shots fire with one pull of the trigger it is technically a machine gun. No civilian (in America) can legally own this.

Doomstein - 2012-03-28

I dunno man, it has two triggers.

Crackersmack - 2012-03-29

Maybe I gave it too much credit assuming that it WASN'T just basically two 1911s welded to each other.

memedumpster - 2012-03-28

I'm fairly sure that no woman on earth has a penis small enough to justify the existence of this piece of crap.

Gojira1000 - 2012-03-28

That is the dumbest piece of shit ever fired ... Way to ruin the best semi-auto ever made. Arsenal, you suck.

five for being creepy and just awful

Blue - 2012-03-28

I want something with as many barrels as the COP 357, but I'm on a budget. Can I just get two of these and dual wield them?

Spoonybard - 2012-03-29


bopeton - 2012-03-29

There is just no way this can work right for long. No matter how careful you are, the charges in those bullets don't have the exact same force, nor do they burn at the same rate, nor are they struck at exactly the same time by the firing pins and double hammers.

This means there's going to be a bit of left/right rotational torque every shot. Not only is this going to weaken your aim a little, but it's going to cause all kinds of weird stresses on the mechanisms in the firearm.

There's just no way this thing can have any sort of long-term reliability.

I guess it's still a pretty fun thing to point at someone.

(also why does he spend half the video pointing it at his own face? Sure it's clearly empty but that's just really bad form.)

Grandmaster Funk - 2012-03-29

Also loved the end where he compared "payload delivered" of his silly double .45, with a single-barred 9mm. Because that's the relevant comparison to make.

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