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Desc:Now available to women everywhere
Category:Humor, Advertisements
Tags:beauty, photoshop, adobe, fotoshop, cosmetics
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Comment count is 13
"By Ah-Doh-Beh" is my favourite little touch here.
Same here, when I heard that I knew it had to be submitted.

Even adjust your race!

Somehow that came out as a reply. O_o

That guy
Overall it's a really good sketch, especially 0:17

But I want to take, no, have to take one star away for "healthy body image" with no mention of "take your fat ass jogging". That and some other sophomoric-type feminism informing this...
Me too.

Grandmaster Funk
Uh, diet and exercise are plugged at 1:26.

That guy
I lose. With that in the video, not enough claptrap to take away a star. MrBuddy I owe you a star forever.

Nice message...the production value earns a five from me. Because I'm a lazy good-for-nothing and effort impresses me.
Great job making a great statement. Ten stars.
The horrible mangled results of "liquify" used on the one model alone is five (soft warped bones are sexy!). The rest of this is bonus awesome.
I didn't want to watch this, the pic on the front page had me turned off.

Then I hit 0:50 and teared up from insane laughter (my neighbours must hate me right now) from the most perfectly sublime portrayal of a neutrogena commercial, ever.
Someday our great grandkids will exclusively bang android women, because even the world's most beautiful real women will be far too hideous to them.
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