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Category:News & Politics
Tags:ulillillia, development, platform masters
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Comment count is 18
Yep, that's Air Taxi ferya!
So, Uli truly has some form of jumping fetish, right?
It's not quite a fetish because he's an asexual neuter. It's more of the filter through which he views everything that enters his brain.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
aaah fuck!! Ive started getting into programming and making games n things myself recenty.. I just found myself really paying attention to ulillillia cus, y'know, maybe I can learn some useful stuff here!!?
You probably won't learn anything useful, but you will be entertained.

The greatest thing you can learn from this game is that it is NOT an FPS modern warfare clone, a sequel, or buggy as shit.

Let us know when the headaches start.

Wow he's starting to get some polish on this bitch. Now if only he would change his admittedly awesome self-insertion to be less of a sonic character. Probably not gonna happen though. He could at least get some more frames of animation, he's got the 'sperging capability to kid-pix that shit right up.
When will he work on game play?
Jet Bin Fever
2015 or so.

This IS the gameplay.

Jet Bin Fever
"When the environments are 100% done, minus story-related stuff, that's when I intend on redoing the character's animation. When that's done, it's getting the rest of the game objects added (spikes, hazards, mud, enemies, TNT barrels, etc.) and getting the rest of the other game play aspects going, such as level completion. Once that's done, then the level creation can begin and things will really take off. I have a feeling I'll get 300+ hours a month in instead of my current 180 average.

ulillillia in reply to hibikikensaki 6 days ago"

I stand corrected. Although adding all sorts of crazy game elements would, IMO, clutter up the simplicity of what he's created so far.

the representation of man is tiny and insignificant, dwarfed by perfectly rendered clouds and flawless stencil buffers
Oscar Wildcat
Ulililia Aspergers Seagull.

Also, where do you live that has cubic cloud cover?

One of his ticks is being afraid of clouds, for not being "regular" enough.

Just in time for the CDC report on autism!
Gotta make way for the Homo Superior.
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