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Desc:Exactly what it says.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:David, clive, barker, cronenberg,, nightbreed,
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Comment count is 10
this movie sucked
Sucked hard.

Clive Barker has always been one of my guilty pleasures and this is one of the worst adaptations of his books I've ever seen.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, regardless.

I thought it was a pretty good adaptation of the book, sans the obvious attempt to nod at a sequel which never happened.
At the time I thought it was amazing. I havent watched it again as an adult as I am sure I would be dissapointed. I am still waiting for that sequel.

I watched it about a year ago for the first time in ages and still enjoyed it. (although the current DVD which is still the first edition is horrible quality) I still think it's one of the more creative horror/fantasy movies from that era and it's a shame Barker hasn't directed more films of his own material because I honestly think he's a better filmmaker than he is a writer. Part of me would like to see him write a continuation to Cabal, but then I remember that his writing of recent years has been pretty...disappointing.
Better yet, a director's cut would be nice. Barker has said the workprint comes closest to his vision, but Warner Bros. won't release the footage nor will they fund a re-release of the film. The usual shit.

Barker is one of the few horror writers out there who is actually not full of shit. Yeah, he gets faggy/weepy on Twitter when he's drunk and anus'd out on Saturday nights, but that only endears him to me MORE.

What a charming old queen, in only the best sense of the term.

David Cronenberg is an unnecessarily attractive man for what it is he does.
This movie was terrible. That said, Cronenberg was hilarious throughout (intentionally or no) and made the movie fun.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Cronenberg should not be that good an actor, but damned if he isn't one of this film's highlights.

That said, all I remember from this film is botched wound makeup in one scene.
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